Wedding Painting

Elegant Expression

Imagine the magical and intimate ambiance manifested by having one of our artists at their easel, thoughtfully immortalizing your walk down the aisle, your wedding vows, first dance, or another special moment.

Our approach to Live Wedding Painting is renowned for arousing a heightened dimension of romance, while enthralling and enchanting your wedding party and guests. Many of our clients note experiencing our service as a surprisingly sophisticated, yet understated source of entertainment.

While at your wedding, we mindfully strive to add to your love story by elevating the sensation of romance through quiet work and intimate interaction with you and your guests. Our presence is unobtrusive, yet approachable.

We are pleased to offer several Wedding Painting Packages uniquely designed to create a luxurious experience for you and your guests while elegantly immortalizing your wedding.

Please note that the packages below do not include travel and expenses. Please refer to the Travel Expenses section at the end of this page for approximate travel-related fees. Once we have received your initial inquiry and worked with you to solidify all the details, we will provide you with an invoice and itinerary inclusive of all aspects of your live wedding painting from arrival to your receipt of the finished painting(s).

Your Live Portrait

One oil painting created live at your wedding or event and completed in the Studio. This piece may be any size up to 30”x40” (30” x 40” / 76.2 cm x 101.6 cm). This package includes one set of note cards of your painting and two gicleé prints. Please allow two months for completion.

Your Love Story

Weddings are filled with poignant, exquisite moments and sometimes it’s hard to choose which is the one you wish to immortalize in a painting–whether it’s you in your dressing room surrounded by bridesmaids and family, your ceremony, first dance or something else…. For these reasons we designed this luxury package.  We will arrive early at agreed upon locations, set up and compose three paintings throughout the day, and with the use of photography, each piece will then be meticulously completed in the studio and shipped to you. Allow three months for completion. Includes note cards and two gicleé prints of each painting.

Wedding Painting
Graphite Sketches of Your Guests    

Our artist, Joseph Loccisano will set up a small area at your reception and invite guests to sit for either individual or ‘couple’ charcoal and graphite portraits that will be professionally matted and given to guests. It is our experience that guests enjoy posing and observing the artist’s process.

Art Themed Wedding

This combines the Your Love Story and Graphite Sketches packages to provide a unique artistic experience at your wedding!

Photography Inspired Portrait

Some venues do not allow painters to work live, in which case we use photography. We will come to your event and take photos (not to compete with your photographer). The photos we use will be for documentation when working in the studio. Allow 60 days for completion. Includes note cards and two gicleé prints.

Third Party Photography Inspired Portrait

For those who are unable to host us at the wedding, and with permission from the photographer, we will create a unique painting with a photo you provide. Artist discretion will be used for selecting a photo that works as a painting. Allow 60 days for completion. Includes note cards and two gicleé prints.

Estimated Travel Expenses

Distance from Montpelier, Vermont (100-315 miles)


(per mile)

Airfare and travel

Includes all travel to and from hotel, venue, airport and extra baggage fees.


(per artist)

Lodging @ $250.00 per night x3 nights


Per diem @ $50.00 x 3 days 


(per artist)

Crating and shipping

(artwork fully insured)

Additional costs may apply for artwork larger than 30” x 40” (30” x 40” / 76.2 cm x 101.6 cm) and additional paintings.



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